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When we first learned of Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP), we seriously doubted the stories of those claiming to capture
voices of the dead on tape recorders and the like. We wondered if they were crazy, seeking attention or mistakenly
recording something logical and passing it off as something supernatural.

We were wrong.

Electronic Voice Phenomena, or EVP, is the capture of what some refer to as, 'spirit' or 'ghost' voices on audio recording
equipment. It is thought that these ethereal voices are imprinted on cassette tapes - the type used with analog recorders
(tape recorders), via the internal motor noise through magnetism and also through the microphone of these devices.
Digital voice recorders are also used by many investigators and research has shown that the same EVP recording can be
captured by both recorder types.

The voices, in almost all cases, are inaudible to the human ear. If a voice
is heard by those recording, it is then classified
as a disembodied voice. Otherwise, it is upon playback of the electronic recording device that the mysterious sounds and
utterances are discovered and labeled an EVP.

Frequency is measured in cycles per second, called hertz (Hz). Anything ranging below approximately 300 Hz is
considered by some researchers to be too low of a frequency for the human voice to attain. When this is the case, it is
then easier to make a more concise determination regarding the validity of the captures; however, it is best to use
computer analysis programs equipped with both a spectrum analysis program and a Hz level frequency analysis program
for a more precise determination. This is a visual process as much as it is an audible one.

All technicality aside, it takes nothing more than a tape recorder, common sense, a healthy dose of skepticism and a ton
of patience to discover something that cannot be explained by modern science - at least, not yet.

It took our own experimentation with EVP to realize that some form of communication is taking place. It amazed us to
discover for ourselves that these strange utterances were not only mumbling  what seemed to be jibberish, but would and
will often respond with differing emotion to our questions, comments and actions.  

It is the one area in paranormal research that we feel holds significant evidence of the possibility of the existence of
another conscientiousness - possibly the existence of life after death.

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