The Capone Hideout -
Mercer, Wisconsin
Capone Hideout Paranormal Investigation
Mercer, Wisconsin
Al Capone's
bedroom doorway. A
small, glowing light
can be seen just
above the door.
Photo: Amy Tomlin
A white anomaly just
to the right, under
the chandelier. This is
one of two massive
fireplaces in the
home - this one is in
the dining room area
that faces the living
room. Photo: Amy
Al Capone's
bedroom - exterior
view. Turret gun
window can be
seen just to the
left of the large
window. Photo:
Amy Tomlin
This large fireplace
is located in the
living room of the
home. This was
sure to keep the
infamous mobsters
warm on cool
summer nights.
Spider Lake. The
Capones, mafia, and
family members
would often fish and
swim here.
View of Spider
Lake from the  
porch where
gangsters often
enjoyed a meal
and a card game.
Photo of indoor,
wrap-around porch
that faces the lake.
Vicki can be seen in
the background and,
according to reports,
this is where Capone
and members of the
mafia discussed
"business" while
smoking cigars and
playing cards.
Al Capone Hideout

Located in a remote location of dense woodlands, Al "Scarface"
Capone, thought to be responsible for such notorious crimes as the St.
Valentine's Day Massacre and who was infamously known as,
Enemy Number One"
, took refuge with his brothers, family members
and top-brass mobsters in a sprawling hideout located on Spider Lake
in the small northern Wisconsin town of Mercer.

The massive complex, built in 1925 by Chicago Alderman, Louis Russell
- a friend and cohort of Al Capone's, the estate consisted of  ten
buildings in all. These included the main home, a bunkhouse, an
exercise yard, and an eight stall garage to accommodate all of
Capone's vehicles.
Interestingly, we also discovered a large animal
den - one that would hold a big cat.
The bedroom windows including Al
Capone's, are fitted with large windows - next to them, small gun turret
windows that would easily fit machine guns in case of any uninvited
guests ( see photos, right ).

The hideout consists of a kitchen, butler's quarters, living and dining
areas, wrap-around porch that faces Spider Lake, five bedrooms and
two bathrooms on the 2nd floor. It is believed that Al Capone footed
the bill for the retreat's construction in order to avoid a paper trail that
would connect him to the home.

The Capones and their guests would enjoy fishing, boating, sunbathing
and "business" meetings, according to the nephew of Al Capone. This is
where select members of the mafia would go to get away from it all.

Ralph Capone, Al's brother, owned a bar in nearby Mercer, Wi. and the
Capones were well liked and neighborly with the people in the
community. Locals had nothing but good things to say about the
brothers who often donated money to local businesses and charities. In
turn, the citizens there kept quiet about the personal affairs of the
Capone family - out of respect, not fear.

Al Capone and his brother, Ralph, vacationed at the property from the
mid 1920's on - during the time of Prohibition. Al spent an entire
summer there after his incarceration at Alcatraz. This would be one of
his last visits to the compound. Soon after, he retreated to his private
residence in Florida where he died on January 25th, 1947 at the age of
48 due to complications of syphilis; something he purportedly
contracted from his teen years.

The home was also owned by Mary Russell, ( wife of Alderman, Louis
Russell - the Alderman who had built the mansion for Capone as a
cover ), after her husband's death and after the Capones had
vacationed here. In May 2009, Mrs. Russell sold the home to a man we
will refer to as, Mr. W. who also purchased 200 acres along with the
property. Mr. W. and his family resided there for roughly two years. It
sat vacant up until our investigation on April 28th-29th, 2012. The next
day, April 30th, 2012, the bank took possession of the property.

Interestingly, an itemized inventory list was found in the home at the
time of our investigation that included everything found of the
Capone's while they vacationed there. The list is the property of
investigator, Amy Tomlin and will be available to be viewed here soon.

The home is closely watched and those who trespass will be arrested.

Our Investigation
The Voices Through the Static team was invited to conduct an
investigation at the Capone hideout in Mercer, Wi. on April 28th and
29th, 2012.

Six team members were present. We arrived at approximately 6 p.m.
and were given a short tour by the caretaker of the establishment.

A full EMF sweep of the property was completed. Numerous audio
recordings were made. The recordings did prove positive for both
interactive and residual EVP. Hundreds of photos were taken. Our
personal observations included hearing footsteps descending the main
staircase located in the living room. These were heard by four
investigators twice during the night. We conducted EVP sessions
outside, in the living room and in Al Capone's bedroom located on the
2nd floor. One investigator felt as though she had been touched and
another smelled the distinct odor of smoke inside the residence.
Distant talking and whispers were heard while the EVP session was
taking place in Capone's bedroom; all investigators were present. A
5.8 spike in EMF was detected on the stairway and another spike at 7.1
mg was detected on the wrap-around porch where Capone would often
dine and play cards with gangsters.

April 28-29, 2012

34 degrees F
wind calm
vis 10 miles
sky clear
dew pt. 24
rel humidity 67 percent
alt 30.26

Moon at 50%
Solar -active
Geomagnetic field - quiet
In conclusion, our team feels
there to be evidence of a residual
haunting at the Capone hideout.
Investigation Report - Amy Tomlin
Photos from the Capone Hideout, Mercer, Wi.
Click on photographs to enlarge.
Notorious mob
boss, Al Capone
pictured here at
the Mercer, Wi.
hideout after his
incarceration at
Alcatraz Prison.
The Butler's quarters.
Located off of the
kitchen and near the
back entrance.
The dinner bell.
The lake is a far
enough off that
this would have
come in handy for
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